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I gave myself my first needles on my Birthday in February of 2011. I decided that I was going to teach myself how to knit. I promised myself that some day I was going to be an “Amazing knitter!” So here I am, far from amazing, obsessively purchasing yarn, teaching myself how to knit, and sharing that journey with you…

    Entrelac Knitting Instructions

    This is meant more to be a swatch for Entrelac… once you do this, you can do anything you want with it! Enjoy!

    There are a few different steps in knitting Entrelac.

    1. Bottom (or base) Triangles
    2. Purl Side Diamonds
    3. Knit Side Diamonds
    4. Top Triangles

    Each of the different steps are completed by working short rows, in which you work some stitches and turn the work and work back without completing a full row of knitting.

    DISCLAIMER:I really have only been knitting for 7 months. I have written my own “patterns” for things, but I am in no way, shape, or form a professional. I literally am a Twit when it comes to Knitting. If you see anything that isn’t perfectly written, or if you have any questions just ask. I know my mind works in a backwards way, so my instructions may be backwards as well! Also… if my abbreviations are not consistent through out, I apologize.

    I used:

    Needles: Size 6US

    Yarn: The Original Sugar n’ Cream Cotton yarn (in 2 different colors)

    For this little “info sesh” I chose to cast on 18 stitches with color # 1 - each of my “diamonds” will then contain 6 stitches. You can adjust the pattern based on how big you want your diamonds to be. 


    Triangle 1 -we will be working back and forth across the first 6 stitches

    You simply begin by Knitting (K2 stitches (sts), turning the work and Purling (P) 1 stitch (st), Slipping 1 stitch purl wise (we slip the end stitches, because it makes it easier to pick up these stitches later in the pattern). Now we simply turn the work again!  

    Next we K3 sts, turn P2, Slip 1 turn

    K4 sts, turn P3, Slip 1 turn

    K5 sts, turn P4, Slip 1 turn

    K6 DO NOT TURN!!!

    Your first triangle is done! Not so bad right?

    Triangle 2 - repeat the steps from above working sts 7-12

    Triangle 3 - repeat the steps from above working sts 13-18

    Now we are done with the bottom Triangles! Cut the first color of yarn leaving a long tail for weaving in later.

    PURL DIAMONDS (the decreasing is done on the Purl side)

    Now you want to add in your second color, leaving a long tail for weaving it!

    Side Triangle

    P2, turn, K2, turn (we do not slip here, this is the finished edge of your piece)

    P1 through the front and back stitch, P2tog, turn, K3, turn (below is an image of the 2 sts you will Purl together)

    P1 through front & back stitch, P1, P2tog, turn, k4, turn

    P1 through front & back stitch, P2, P2tog, turn k5, turn

    P1 through front & back stitch, P3, P2tog DO NOT TURN

    Center Diamond

    Pick up 6 stitches from the side of the lower triangle, *turn.

     I found that picking up the stitches on this first row of Purl triangles was “tight”, it gets easier in the subsequent rows… I promise.

    K5 (back across the sts you just picked up), slip 1 as if to purl, turn

    P5 (starting with the st you just slipped), P2tog (you are now combining the stiches you just picked up with the stitches already on your left hand needle), turn, K5, Slip1, turn

    P5, P2tog, turn, K5, Slip1, turn (again)

    Continue in this manner until you have combined the next 4 stitches on the left hand needle with the stitches you picked up, ending on the Purl side with the last st you complete being P2tog.

    You now can pick up 6 more stitches and repeat the above instructions from * until your second Diamond is complete!

    End Side Triangle

    Pick up 6 stitches along the outside edge of your previous row, turn,

    K5, Slip 1, turn

    P4, P2tog, turn K4, Slip 1, turn

    P3, P2tog, turn, K3, Slip 1, turn

    P2, P2tog, turn, K2, Slip 1, turn

    P1, P2tog, turn, K1, Slip 1, turn

    P2tog DO NOT TURN

    Cut the yarn, leaving enough length to weave in the ends.

    You are done with the purl side diamonds and triangles. Now you want to move on to the KNIT SIDE DIAMOND instructions. If you are finished with your knit piece, you want to move onto the BOTTOM SIDE TRIANGLE instructions.


    Now is the time to switch back to color # 1 (leaving a tail for weaving later)

    Now you do not need to work any side triangles, I find this section to be pretty easy once you get into it.

    First, you want to slip the one remaining st from the right side purl triangle purl wise onto the right hand needle, and then pick up 5 stitches (w/ color #1) on the side of the lower diamond, turn, P5, Slip 1 (again, purlwise), turn

    **K5 and perform a Slip Slip Knit (SSK)decrease with the last st worked and the first unworked st, turn, purl 5, Slip 1, turn

    K5, SSK, turn, P5, Slip 1 turn,

    You want to reapeat this until the next 3 unworked stitches have been integrated into your first Knit side diamond (I hope that makes sense…), turn.

    When you have one stitch still unworked, you want to Purl 5, Slip 1, turn, K 5, SSK, DO NOT TURN.

    Your diamond is now complete.

    Now you want to Pick up 6 stitches, turn, P5, Slip 1, turn,

    then repeat the above instructions from the **

    You want to repeat the ** one more time, for a total of 3 knit side diamonds.

    Now You can go back to the PURL SIDE Instructions, change your color and knit away alternating back and forth between the KNIT SIDE, and PURL SIDE Diamonds…  

    When you have reached your desired length, you want to finish off your piece by Knitting the TOP TRIANGLES.

    TOP TRIANGLES - these  are worked on the Knit Side, so they will always be worked after you have finished a Purl Side row.

    The important thing to note with working the TOP TRIANGLES is that you will be decreasing on both sides.

    Now you are looking at your fabric after you have just finished a row of Purl Side Diamonds and Triangles.

    The first row will be knit normally, you want to Slip the first stitch from the left needle onto the right needle, and ***pick up 5 sts along the edge of the lower diamond (just as you would when starting a Knit Side row), turn, P6, turn.

    Next, you K5, SSK, turn, P4, P2tog, turn

    K4, SSK, turn, P3, P2tog, turn

    K3, SSK, turn, P2, P2tog, turn

    K2, SSK, turn, P1, P2tog, turn

    K1, SSK, turn, P2tog, turn


    One st remains.

    Leave that one st on the right hand needle, and repeat from ***

    Continue working across the row in this way until you have one stitch remaining on your needle. In this case, you should have 3 top triangles, mirroring your 3 bottom triangles.

    Cut the yarn, weave it though the last stitch, and weave in your ends.

    Done and Done.

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